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Our Worship


We believe that worship is the experience of connecting with God in the realm of our spirit and affirming His worth to us through our actions. We want the self-existant, eternal Creator to have the first and most important place in lives—greater than our desire for entertainment, higher than our need or desire for material posessions, above our own family and greater even than our physical life itself.

God reveals Himself to us primarily through the agency of the Bible. The Bible is a transcript of messages God communicated to His servants the prophets throughout the ages. God's Holy Spirit is an active agent in granting our hearts and minds understanding of what the Bible means and applying its ancient but timeless principles to our modern lives. There are also evil spirits, however, who seek to cloud our minds, corrupt our understanding and distort our perception of God's truth. The only way we can discern between the Holy Spirit and evil spirits is by comparing our impressions and thoughts to the content of the Bible itself. Therefore, in our worship services, we want the Bible to be central.

We receive spiritual edification and instruction through the preaching of God's Word from the Bible. We worship God in our actions through congregational singing, the sharing of our praises, returning to God the "firstfruits" of the financial blessings He gives to us in form of our tithes and offerings and by speaking words of encouragement to each other before and after the service. The format of our worship services is quasi-traditional.